Northern Lights Thanksgiving Substorm

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Wed Oct 17 14:24:01 2012 UTC

lays seen in years. The amount of substorming with it was the best Brian Ch apman and I had experienced since November 10, 2004. We are in an area th at people don't think we get to see the northern lights but through careful studying we have been able to get over 50+ displays in the past years. Fro m 2 minute long substorms to all night displays.

www.naturebirdsandweather.com!/pages/David-T-Chapm an/173134962767601


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Misty Orange Sunrise

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Fri Dec 19 08:30:01 2003 UTC

This sunrise was taken with a Minolta Dimage 7, 5.2 Mega Pixels on July 17, 2003. It was a beautiful morning that seemed to lend me a lot of good quality pictures... If you would like to contact me about purchasing any of my pictures, email me at or if you have any comments or questions.

Lightning in November?

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Wed Dec 17 08:06:01 2003 UTC

Another pleasant surprise for me. A storm in November which completely surprised me with its strength and how long it lasted for. This was just the beginning of it, for a person in Southern Ontario, this was a real treat to watch and take pictures of, considering this time last year we already had a foot of snow on the ground.

October 20 Lightning

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Wed Dec 17 07:41:01 2003 UTC

This Lightning display was unexpected because it was mid-fall and the power in this thunderstorm was something else. We barely got any thunderstorms during the year but got 3 strong ones in the fall. The first reason why I got into photography is that I wanted Lightning pictures and since then I have broadened my interests. Camera used: Minolta Dimage 7. 5.2 mega pixels.

December 16, 2003 Sunrise

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Wed Dec 17 07:41:01 2003 UTC

Camera Used Dimage 7, 5.2 mega pixels. This was a cold blustery morning and the colour lasted for about 30 minutes...

Goring, Ontario Sunset

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Wed Dec 17 07:41:01 2003 UTC

We were out taking pictures of scenery and we were hoping that the colour would flare up but it didn't but we still managed to get some good colour in it.

August Northern Lights

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Wed Dec 17 07:41:01 2003 UTC

These were unexpected Northern Lights that hit in Mid August. The moon soften are pictures of the northern lights which helped the grain level in the picture. We were happy with our Minolta 7 and it didn't disapoint us later on, when the big October 29th and November 20th shows happened.

October 30th 2003 More Purple

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Mon Dec 15 14:38:01 2003 UTC

This was after a strong second burst of red, that it decided to turn purple. My dad and I often wonder why we were so slack in taking picture after picture but I think him and I couldn't believe our eyes because the last time we had seen something like this was on November 5th, 2001, my first night ever taking pictures of the northern lights. We have more pictures but we are holding them back for now.

Northern Lights in my Backyard

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Mon Dec 15 14:11:02 2003 UTC

It was October 30th and it was just before supper. I decided to run some camera test on the sky when I noticed a red patch grow to the south and then north. While eating supper I took this picture and little did I know at this point, there was still more to come.

Sunrise Markdale

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Mon Dec 15 13:27:01 2003 UTC

This was a cold morning in Markdale, when I decided to head out and see what I could get at the flooded pond just down the road from me. I came home and downloaded my pictures, considering this was my first time taking pictures at dawn I was fairly impressed.

Lion's Head Aurora

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Wed Feb 5 05:37:02 2003 UTC

This was our last good night for Northern Lights of 2002. We have had nothing but cloud since and when it is clear there isn't any Northern Lights. What was unique about this northern lights display was the fact that at one point you could see 5 halo's and they seemed to be marching towards us, which I feel is not common for the latitude I live on because I had just never seen it quite like that before. Comment at, Thank you

Re: Corona

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Mon Feb 3 05:49:01 2003 UTC

The camera was unable to pick up the flashes of lightning that were lightly flashing through it but this is my best corona shot. This night was unique because we couldn't see the halo only the northern lights that were shooting over our heads. We had thunderstorms all around us that night which gave us a weird feeling of insecurity.

Re: Sideward Lightning

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Mon Feb 3 05:42:01 2003 UTC

This was taken Near Meaford, Ontario it was the final big storm about 2 years ago when I still had the 35mm. It struck roughly 2 miles away if that because the thunder was just a sizzle without a big bang. After that we moved to a lower spot because things were just getting to violent for our liking, we were still getting the pictures but in a much safer spot.

Northern Lights

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Thu Jan 23 08:00:01 2003 UTC

The Northern lights on this night were one of the best shows we had of 2002. They eventually went over are head that night which was rare for Southern Ontario, Canada. We stayed out the whole night hoping for a real strong red but that never happened that night. We were still happy with what we had seen. I hope to have my business email account working soon but until then, If you have any questions or comments, email me at

"Full Moon Northern Lights"

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Fri Jan 17 06:30:01 2003 UTC

This was are first big Northern light display of the summer with red in it too, where the conditions were clear and perfect for us as well. It was a short blast but it gave us a chance to get a few pictures. On August 20, 2002 we were able to see this in the twilight time in our hometown of Markdale. To comment on this picture email me at, thank you.

"The Big Bay Sunrise"

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Fri Jan 17 06:05:01 2003 UTC

This sunrise was after an alnighter, watching the northern lights. We thought we would stop and try to get a few pictures after seeing a few scenes like this one. We travel north to get away from the city lights so that we can see the Northern lights clearer and without city light pollution.

"The Orange Sunrise"

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Fri Jan 17 05:56:01 2003 UTC

This sunrise was one of my favourites of this year. I took this picture in early July in Markdale, Ontario. It was one of the longest sunrises I had seen and nicest. It actually reminded me more of a sunset then a sunrise because it has that look to it. Comment at, Thank you.

"The Mystical Sunrise"

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Fri Jan 17 05:37:01 2003 UTC

This was taken in Markdale, Ontario on a very humid summer morning. I new the mist would lead to a very nice sunrise so I went out to my favourite spot to take pictures, which resulted in this. I love sunrises, but the only way I see them is if I have been up all night. comments at

Tobermory Twilight

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Fri Jan 17 04:44:01 2003 UTC

This picture was taken in Tobermory, Ontario, Canada. It was a cold night for summer. We were actually sitting there waiting for the northern lights when I thought that I would try to get a few twilight shots and it seemed to work out for me. We are just starting our business and its called North of 44 Studio's and it is a family business. I know my email address doesn't sound like a business one but for more information on how much the picture costs, email me at

"Moonlit Northern Lights"

Submitted by: Dave Chapman at Fri Jan 17 03:36:01 2003 UTC

I am David Chapman and I am a photographer and I got this picture on October 25, 2002. The moonlight helped the fields show up as well as they did, the northern lights were quite strong towards the due north. I am selling this and if you want more information on how to buy this, email me at, I sell them at 5x7, 8x10 and 11x14. check with me for prices.

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