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Current Version: 1.031

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We are pleased to announce the release of SWIM Version 1.031,
the most advanced Space Weather Information Monitor in the World.

Sample screen-captures of SWIM in operation:

(User's of our STD Aurora Monitor will immediately notice a similarity in the looks and some of the features of SWIM. However, the similarities end there. SWIM was written from the ground up and is far more advanced and sophisticated than the STD Aurora Monitor will ever be.)

Use SWIM to zoom in on an area of a plot. The following example shows a plot of solar x-rays during a long-duration minor M-class solar flare event. Inset in the lower-right corner of this screen-captured image is another smaller screen-captured image that was taken after SWIM was used to zoom in on the M-class flare. Extremely detailed measurements and analysis can be performed using the zoom tool. In this example, the inset image shows SWIM being used to measure the integrated x-ray flux of the flare.

In the following example, SWIM displays a large 1031x1031 pixel image of the solar corona using SOHO's LASCO instrument. The screen-captured image below has been resized to better fit on this web page. If the image displayed by SWIM is too large to entirely fit on the screen, SWIM automatically displays scroll-bars (as is visible in this example) so you can navigate areas of the image that are not visible. Amateurs around the world have used these large format images to find new sun-grazing comets. And with the animation controls available in SWIM, finding them is made simpler.

Add your own images and tabs (or even create entirely new and extensive "trees" of tabs) to the layout by simply right-clicking on an image and selecting from the options. There are no limits to what you can do.

Virtually Any image on the Internet can be monitored and managed using SWIM. Resources do not have to be space weather related. For example, the following screen shows the current observed sea-surface temperatures on the Earth.

And this example shows currently observed magnitudes and locations of Earthquakes. Inset within this screen in the upper-left is a smaller screen-captured image of SWIM displaying the current Astronomy Picture of the Day image!

Click here for more screen samples...

The image tabs in the above examples appear (by default) on the left-side of the SWIM windows. If you don't like this, it is simple to change. Simply click a button in the Options to change SWIM so it displays the tabs along the right side, or the top side, or even the bottom of the SWIM window. There are
many other controls available to make SWIM an enjoyable and fun tool to use.

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